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7 Day Juice Cleanse - Ancient Healing

Sun, 19th Jul, 2020, 10:00 AM - Sat, 25th Jul, 2020, 6:00 PM (AEDT)

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Private Retreat Property in Gippsland Victoria, Confirmed via Arrival Email, Melbourne, Victoria, 3818 View Map

About this event

Juice Fast Cleanse - 7 Day Experience
The 7 Day Cleanse is an immersive holistic self-healing retreat that offers deep physical detoxification, cleansing and self-healing along with mental and emotional clearing. All put together for an experience tucked away in beautiful natural surrounds. 

Facilitated by Marko Petrovic (see Marko's Bio below) with various workshops to support the emotional/mental clearing and also to offer physical detox and wellness practices. The 7 Day Cleanse also offers an opportunity for deepening ones spiritual connection with time spent out in rich natural surrounds with the elements of life. 

As part of your 7 Day Cleanse Experience you will also receive a 60min Clarity Call Session on reservation. This is an opportunity for you and Marko to personally create a strategy between now and the retreat to get you ready and address any personal needs. 

Attendees typically leave the retreats feeling clear, renewed, cleansed, grounded, vital, centred, on purpose, joyful and enlivened with a happier healthier and more vibrant experience of life! 

What will I get from attending the 7 Day Cleanse? 
Daily Yoga & Meditation for deep relaxation 
- Cold Pressed Juice, Squeezed Fresh Daily using only Organic Ingredients
- Herbal remedies and protocols for your specific detox protocol
- Extended Sound Healing Experiences to detox and clear toxins on a deep cellular level
- Connect to your hearts wisdom and receive guidance on life questions
- Clear mental patterns and thought behaviours that are no longer serving you 
- Detoxification on all levels: Spiritual, Emotional, Mental & Physical
- Resolve emotional patterns and triggers 
- Various Ancient Healing workshops facilitated by Marko 
- 1 on 1 support by Marko and the team wherever needed
- Daily exercise and movement opportunities
- Daily self-reflection and journalling time
- Fresh harvested spring water from Mt. Donna Buang (the purest source in Victoria)
- Nourish your body, detox and clear you mind during this exquisite 7 Day Cleanse

Who is the 7 Day Cleanse for? 
People looking to give themselves an opportunity for self-healing
- Individuals wanting to de-stress from the day to day activities of life
- Men & Women looking to activate their health and vitality in a profound way
- Couples looking to spend quality time together, clear unconscious patterns and fortify their relationships 
- Those who are looking to take their detoxification and wellness practice to the next level 

What's included in my ticket for the 7 Day Cleanse? 
- Accomodation in a shared room with another person of the same gender. Or alternatively, couples can share a room as can parents and children. 
- Daily fresh squeezed organic cold pressed juices (unlimited amount of juice) in various delicious flavours and combinations
- Fresh drinking spring water from Victorias purest source
- Sauna sessions
- All facilitation of workshops, meditation, yoga and sound healing by Marko Petrovic and the Team
- Opportunity to connect and collaborate with the community and continue to be supported long after the retreat is complete

Marko Petrovic Bio. 
Marko's background in holistic health & wellness carries 11 years of personal experience and facilitating for over 10,000+ clients to date via his online and offline offerings. Having travelled the world learning from various ancient cultures including Africa, Australia, Europe, Phillipines and the Americas, he shares powerful and practical tools for self-healing using these ancient techniques. He offers these through live seminars, retreats, 1 on 1 coaching and his online courses and webinars. Marko has personally been using fasting and detoxification practices in his own life and for clients for the past 10 years, having facilitated multiple retreats in both Australia & overseas.

What do I need to bring? 
- Layers of clothing to ensure comfort/warmth
- Sheets, blankets, pillows & sleeping bag 
- Journal and pen for personal notes and reflections 
- Appropriate & comfortable clothing for yoga and sauna sessions
- Water bottle 
- A radiant smile and an open heart
- Clear intentions 

What's next? 
If you've decided to join in on this 7 Day Cleanse then click through now and reserve your spot. Upon reservation you'll also book in for a 1 on 1 call with Marko to do your personal clarity call, there he will answer any further questions you might have and do your iridology & sclerology session!

Note: Payment Plans are available and you can find out more by sending an e-mail direct to or inbox us on Facebook/Instagram!

Click Through Now & Reserve Your Spot! 

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